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The dual-mode power monitoring IC of Microchip can improve the system performance to the maximum extent

The dual-mode power monitoring IC of Microchip can improve the system performance to the maximum extent.

The power of dc and ac power is measured in real time

In systems that use both ac and dc power sources, achieving dual mode power monitoring has traditionally required more than one IC to ensure superior performance and accuracy.
More and more applications, such as solar inverters, smart lighting, and cloud servers, often use dual modes to maintain safe operation, using ac as the main power source, dc as the backup power source, or vice versa.
To optimize performance and reduce the difficulty of developing such systems, Microchip Technology inc. has introduced a flexible dual-mode power monitoring IC that can measure ac and dc power with an accuracy of 0.1% of the industry-leading accuracy across a range of 4000 to 1.
Power calculation and event monitoring are integrated into an IC, reducing material cost and shortening firmware development time.For more information, please visit:http://www.hkchipsource.com/manufacturer/microchip-technology.html

MCP39F511A power monitoring IC is a highly integrated device that can meet the requirements of high performance design for higher and higher accuracy of power measurement.
To simplify calibration procedures and meet high precision requirements, the device comprises two 24-bit d-s analog-digital converters (ADC) (SNR 94.5db) and a 16-bit computing engine.
MCP39F511A is applicable to consumer applications, Internet of things applications (IoT), industrial applications and other application types. It can automatically detect power supply types and switch between ac and dc modes to optimize measurement results.
The device's on-chip EEPROM can record key events to help developers diagnose faults, and it also integrates low drift reference voltage and internal oscillator to reduce costs.