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Maxim MAX14483 3. 75kV RMS digital power isolator solution

The MAX14483 is a 6-channel, 3.75kVRMS digital galvanic isolator using Maxim’s proprietary process technology. The six signal channels are individually optimized for SPI applications and include very low propagation delay on the SDI, SDO, and SCLK channels. The SDO channel’s tri-state control is enabled by the CS input as well as a second enable control input pin (SDOEN), allowing a single MAX14483 to isolate multiple SPI devices. To simplify system design, an open-drain FAULT output can be wire ORed with error outputs from other devices. In addition, an auxiliary channel (AUX) is available for passing timing or control signals from the master side to the slave side and power monitors (SAA, SBA) are provided for both power domains to signal if the opposite side of the isolator is ready for operation. Independent 1.71V to 5.5V supplies on each side of the isolator also make the device suitable for use as a level translator.


The MAX14483 has an isolation rating of 3.75kVRMS for 60 seconds and is available in a 20-pin SSOP package with 5.5mm of creepage and clearance. The package material has a minimum comparative tracking index (CTI) of 400V, which gives it a group 2 rating in creepage tables.The MAX14483 is rated for operation at ambient temperatures of -40℃ to +125℃.


Saves Space and Components6 Isolated Channels in a 20-SSOP Package
Low Propagation Delay on SCLK, SDI, and SDOUp to 100MHz Clock, 200Mbps Data Rate
10ns Typical Propagation Delay
2ns Maximum Pulse Width Distortion
250ps Typical Peak Jitter
Robust Galvanic Isolation of Digital SignalsWithstands 3.75kVRMS for 60s (VISO) 
Continuously Withstands 450VRMS (VIOWM) 
Withstands ±10kV Surge between GNDA and GNDB with 1.2/50μs Waveform
High CMTI (50kV/μs, Typical)
Flexible System DesignWide 1.71V to 5.5V Voltage Range on Each Side
SDOEN Control Pin for Sharing Isolators
Open-Drain FAULT Channel for Shared Interrupt on Master Side
Auxiliary Channel for Timing or Control
Low Power Consumption1.53mW per Channel at SCLK = 10MHz withVDD = 3.3V
0.77mW per Channel at SCLK = 10MHz withVDD = 1.8V


Programmable Logic Controllers
Industrial Automation
Process Automation
Building Automation
General SPI-bus Isolation