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Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies

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Infineon Technologies


Description: IGBT 600V 150A 428W TO247-3

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IGW75N60TFKSA1 Infineon Technologies IGBT 600V 150A 428W TO247-3 Inquiry

STGWA15H120DF2 STMicroelectronics IGBT HB 1200V 15A HS TO247-3 Inquiry

NGTB40N120SWG ON Semiconductor IGBT 40A 1200V TO-247 Inquiry

HGTG30N60C3D Fairchild/ON Semiconductor IGBT 600V 63A 208W TO247 Inquiry

IRG4PC50FD-EPBF Infineon Technologies IGBT 600V 70A 200W TO247AD Inquiry

IKW75N60H3FKSA1 Infineon Technologies IGBT 600V 80A 428W TO247-3 Inquiry

STGWA80H65DFB STMicroelectronics IGBT BIPO 650V 80A TO247-3 Inquiry

STGWA25H120F2 STMicroelectronics IGBT HB 1200V 25A HS TO247-3 Inquiry

IRGP4066PBF Infineon Technologies IGBT 600V 140A 454W TO247AC Inquiry

STGWA25H120DF2 STMicroelectronics IGBT HB 1200V 25A HS TO247-3 Inquiry

IRGP4660DPBF Infineon Technologies IGBT 600V 100A 330W TO247AC Inquiry

IRGP4263DPBF Infineon Technologies IGBT 650V 90A 325W TO-247 Inquiry

STGWA40H120DF2 STMicroelectronics TRENCH GATE IGBT TO247 PKG Inquiry

STGW40S120DF3 STMicroelectronics IGBT 1200V 40A TO247 Inquiry

HGTG40N60A4 Fairchild/ON Semiconductor IGBT 600V 75A 625W TO247 Inquiry

IKD06N60RAATMA1 Infineon Technologies IGBT 600V 12A 100W TO252 Inquiry

STGD18N40LZ-1 STMicroelectronics IGBT 420V 25A 125W IPAK Inquiry

STGDL6NC60DIT4 STMicroelectronics IGBT 600V 13A 50W DPAK Inquiry

TIG058E8-TL-H ON Semiconductor IGBT 400V ECH8 Inquiry

NGTB03N60R2DT4G ON Semiconductor IGBT 9A 600V DPAK Inquiry


STGP7NC60H STMicroelectronics IGBT 600V 25A 80W TO220 Inquiry

STGD20N40LZ STMicroelectronics IGBT 390V 25A 125W DPAK Inquiry

FGD4536TM Fairchild/ON Semiconductor IGBT 360V 125W DPAK Inquiry

AOD5B65M1 Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. IGBT 650V 5A TO252 Inquiry

FGD3N60UNDF Fairchild/ON Semiconductor IGBT 600V 6A 60W DPAK Inquiry

STGW19NC60H STMicroelectronics IGBT 600V 42A 140W TO-247 Inquiry

STGB10NC60KT4 STMicroelectronics IGBT 600V 20A 65W D2PAK Inquiry

FGD5T120SH Fairchild/ON Semiconductor IGBT 1200V 5A FS3 DPAK Inquiry

FGD3N60LSDTM Fairchild/ON Semiconductor IGBT 600V 6A 40W DPAK Inquiry

RGT8BM65DTL Rohm Semiconductor IGBT 650V 8A 62W TO-252 Inquiry

STGD8NC60KDT4 STMicroelectronics IGBT 600V 15A 62W DPAK Inquiry

STGD6NC60HDT4 STMicroelectronics IGBT 600V 15A 56W DPAK Inquiry

STGD6NC60H-1 STMicroelectronics IGBT N-CH 600V 7A IPAK Inquiry

NGD8201ANT4G Littelfuse Inc. IGBT 440V 20A 125W DPAK Inquiry

ISL9V2040D3ST Fairchild/ON Semiconductor IGBT 430V 10A 130W TO252AA Inquiry

STGF35HF60W STMicroelectronics IGBT 600V 19A 40W TO220FP Inquiry

STGB19NC60KT4 STMicroelectronics IGBT 600V 35A 125W D2PAK Inquiry


STGD3HF60HDT4 STMicroelectronics IGBT 600V 7.5A 38W DPAK Inquiry

NGTB10N60R2DT4G ON Semiconductor IGBT 10A 600V DPAK Inquiry

FGD3245G2_F085 Fairchild/ON Semiconductor ECOSPARK2-450V IGNITION IGBT Inquiry

STGDL6NC60DT4 STMicroelectronics IGBT 600V 13A 50W DPAK Inquiry

TIG067SS-TL-2W ON Semiconductor IGBT 400V 150A 8SOIC Inquiry

NGD8205ANT4G Littelfuse Inc. IGBT 390V 20A 125W DPAK-3 Inquiry

STGBL6NC60DT4 STMicroelectronics IGBT 600V 14A 56W D2PAK Inquiry

STGB18N40LZT4 STMicroelectronics IGBT 420V 30A 150W D2PAK Inquiry

NGTB20N120IHRWG ON Semiconductor IGBT 1200V 40A 384W TO247 Inquiry

IKW40N60H3FKSA1 Infineon Technologies IGBT 600V 80A 306W TO247-3 Inquiry

NGTB20N135IHRWG ON Semiconductor IGBT 1350V 40A 394W TO247 Inquiry