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Allegro LLC expands a series of DC/DC voltage regulators with low EMI

Allegro LLC expands a series of DC/DC voltage regulators with low EMI

Voltage regulator IC with rated voltage of 50V/40V has a wide output current range from 1A to over 10A

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC (hereinafter referred to as Allegro) announced the addition of A8660, ARG81880, and ARG81801 members to its voltage regulator product line. These devices can reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) by switching frequency jitter (di1801) and achieve system noise management through external clock synchronization.
These devices meet the aec-q100 automotive level standards, are designed for a wide input working voltage range, can withstand conditions such as car stop/start, cold start and load drop, and can be switched on and off at 2.2 MHz, thus reducing component size and cost.
Its comprehensive security and protection capabilities enable solid design and simplify component authentication.
These devices have wide output current range (as in 1 a to more than 10 a), can provide the strict regulation in the temperature range of the power rail, very suitable for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), head-up display (HUD), remote information processing system (telematics), infotainment system (infotainment), dashboard (Clusters), cameras, electronic control unit, intelligent household appliances, industrial automation/robotics, Internet of things, and other automotive and industrial applications.
Allegro can provide reference design and demonstration panels for these devices to simplify design and evaluation.

The A8660 synchronous step-down controller can provide up to 10A current to the load and meet the increasing demand for higher power in automobiles and industrial equipment.
The product has flexible power monitoring capabilities and adjustable up-cycle delays for microcontroller reduction and power sequencing.
A high-voltage, battery-short-circuit enabling input, combined with a second logical level input signal, can simplify the design of an igniting-fed car.
The A8660 is packaged with 4 x 4 qfn-20 tin-stained flanks with exposed power pads (suffix ES).

ARG81880 requires only three external components, thus saving circuit board space and system costs.
The optional current limitation can minimize the inductance and capacitance size. The controlled lead time of 20ns can help realize the conversion of 18V to 2.5v at 2MHz, without pulse skipping.
ARG81880 can provide up to 800mA of output current, which can be packaged with tin coated side fins using thin 10 pin 3 x 3 QFN exposed pads.

ARG81801 can provide good heat dissipation performance for the design of up to 3A, even on PCB without through-hole under the heat dissipation pad. This product adopts 4 x 4 qfn-24 exposed soldering disc which can be sealed with tin side fins.

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