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Maxim released high-performance PMIC: to provide strong impetus for the next generation of consumer products

MAX77714 and MAX77752 provide ultra-low power management solutions for deep learning of SoC, FPGA and multimedia application processors

Maxim announced the introduction of a pair of rich, high-performance and extensible power management IC (PMIC) to help mobile product designers maximize the performance of power consumption per watt and improve system efficiency, which can be widely used in high density deep learning chip systems (SoC), FPGA and application processors.
MAX77714 and MAX77752 are suitable for a wide range of applications, from enhanced AR/VR, gaming, solid-state hard drives (SSD), security and industrial Internet of things (IIoT), and hand-held devices such as cameras and smart home hubs.
The PMIC architecture offers a number of benefits, including a 40% lower power consumption than the standard scheme and the most compact size available in the current market while extending battery life.

As various mobile devices move to higher-performance application processors and socs, the computing power required for consumer electronics is increasing.
Users, however, want their battery-powered, always-on devices to achieve lower temperatures and longer working hours.
Therefore, designers are faced with the design challenge of reducing the circuit board space and component cost of consumer electronic equipment, and obtaining higher efficiency, higher horsepower and flexible power timing.

Maxim's high performance PMIC provides a complete single-chip power management scheme, enabling the application processor to work at peak level and achieving stable and high-quality user experience.
The PMIC also integrates a variety of features to allow designers to reduce the size and cost of solution packaging.


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