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Microchip bluetooth audio SoC based on SONY LDAC technology is used to build hd audio equipment

The bluetooth 5.0 compatible SoC makes Audeze's acclaimed high-end Mobius game headphones sound perfect

As demand for quality audio experiences continues to grow among mainstream consumers, bluetooth audio devices are expected to provide a perfect uninterrupted audio experience.
However, bluetooth audio design is often limited by the depth and frequency of existing codecs (communications and compression techniques used to send audio over radio waves).
Today, Microchip Technology Inc. (Microchip) provides experienced audio system designers with a chip level system called is2064gm-0l3 that USES SONY LDAC audio codec Technology * and bluetooth 5.0 compatibility.
The SoC allows manufacturers to develop a new generation of audio devices using advanced codecs, allowing hd sound quality to be incorporated into a popular bluetooth product rather than a hobbyist's patent.
Audeze, a maker of high-end headphones, has used the SoC in its high-end Mobius gaming headphones.
For more information about the SoC, please visit:http://www.hkchipsource.com/manufacturer/microchip-technology.html

The Audeze Mobius headset USES Microchip's is2064gm-0l3 SoC to enable bluetooth wireless connection to LDAC and other audio codec interfaces.
SONY's LDAC is considered the best quality codec on the market, with a throughput of up to 990Kbps when transmitting data, three times higher than the standard blue-toothed band codec (SBC) and a frequency and bit depth of up to 96 kHz/24 bits.
This high compression and decompression efficiency allows bluetooth audio devices to provide a high definition audio listening experience.

Audeze chief executive Sankar Thiagasamudram said: "our new Mobius headphones used multiple breakthrough technology, in order to ensure a high quality bluetooth audio, we adopted a Microchip in the headset IS2064GM - 0 l3 SoC.
Thanks to the strong support of Microchip, we can easily and quickly integrate LDAC codec into our products.

Is2064gm-0l3 SoC not only enables more audio product suppliers to use LDAC codecs, but also enables them to take advantage of Microchip's excellent global technical support and compatibility with all Microchip devices in the development environment, provide customers with implementation support and speed up product launch.
LDAC codec are integrated to the Android 8.0 Oreo ™ operating system bluetooth protocol stack, let LDAC technology more widely applied to the transmitter.

Steve Caldwell, vice-president of Microchip wireless solutions, said: "Microchip enables oems to take advantage of convenient and widely used bluetooth wireless technology to meet growing consumer demand for high-quality audio.
Oems can focus on developing audio products and improving sound quality, and they know that with Microchip, bluetooth wireless technology can be integrated seamlessly.