TI introduces high efficiency synchronous boost chip TPS61288

Mar 1, 2023

TI introduces high efficiency synchronous boost chip TPS61288

The TPS61288 comes in an 11-pin 2.5*3mm QFN package with a significantly reduced chip size and improved power density. It is a fully integrated synchronous boost converter with a 6.5m ω main switch and 8.5m ω synchronous rectifier on the chip, providing a small and efficient solution in portable devices.

The TPS61288 supports a wide 2.4-18V input voltage range and supports 1 or 2 series lithium batteries. The TPS61288 has a 15A switching current capability and a maximum output voltage of 18V. Supports output overvoltage protection, periodic overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown.

Below is the introduction of TPS61288 as a boost converter for wireless speakers shared by TI William Zhang.

Generally, not portable wireless sound box sets a power supply directly by the power supply distributor, power grade can amount to tens of watts to hundreds of watts, and portable wireless sound box supplies power by the battery, output power is usually only a few watts to tens of watts, and often contain a 4 ω or 8 ω horn.

In order to meet the portability and at the same time to provide enough power output for speakers, portable wireless speakers are usually equipped with rechargeable lithium ion battery 2 day, when the output power requirement is higher than 10 w, because after the battery voltage is not enough level of audio power amplifier to provide enough power, normally need the battery voltage booster circuit reach 12 v ~ 18 v in order to meet the power demand. The diagram above shows a typical portable wireless speaker power supply system.

TPS61288 continues the TPS61088's high degree of integration, the chip integrated switch tube and controller, but also uses TI patent smooth on/off time control, to achieve a light load PWM mode to PFM mode seamless transition, no voltage drift under full load, meet the stringent output voltage accuracy requirements. And the light load efficiency can be greatly improved by extending the turn-off time.

The built-in 15A input current limiter of the TPS61288 can output 40W power on a single lithium battery. It can be used for bluetooth speakers to power amplifier IC boost to improve the output power. Also used for boosting applications such as LCD displays and PD, the PIN position of the TPS61288 is optimized for simple device layout.


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