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500-mA, low-IQ, high-accuracy, adjustable ultra-low-dropout voltage regulator with power good

Features for the TPS745

  • Input Voltage Range: 1.5 V to 6.0 V
  • Adjustable Output Voltage:
    • 0.55 V to 5.5 V
  • Very Low Dropout:
    • 130 mV (max) at 500 mA (3.3VOUT)
  • High Output Accuracy: 0.7% (Typical) and 1% (Maximum Over Temperature)
  • Open-Drain Power-Good Output
  • IQ: 25 µA (Typical)
  • Built-In Soft-Start With Monotonic VOUT Rise
  • Package:
    • 2-mm × 2-mm WSON-6 (DRV)
  • Active Output Discharge
  • Description for the TPS745

    The TPS745 is an adjustable 500-mA low-dropout (LDO) regulator with power-good functionality. This device is available in a small, 6-pin,2-mm × 2-mm WSON package and consumes verylow quiescent current and provides fast line and load transient performance. TheTPS745 features an ultra-low dropout of 130 mV at 500 mA that can helpimprove the power efficiency of the system.

    The TPS745 is optimized for a wide variety of applications bysupporting an input voltage range from 1.5 V to 6.0 V and an externally adjustable output range of0.55 V to 5.5 V. The low output voltage enables this LDO to power the modern microcontrollers withlower core voltages.

    The TPS745 has a power-good (PG) output thatmonitors the voltage at the feedback pin to indicate the status of the output voltage. The EN inputand PG output can be used for the sequencing multiple power sources in the system.

    The TPS745 is stable with small ceramic output capacitors, allowingfor a small overall solution size. A precision band-gap and error amplifier provides high accuracyof 0.7% (max) at 25°C and 1% (max) over temperature (85ºC). This device includes integrated thermalshutdown, current limit, and undervoltage lockout (UVLO) features. The TPS745has an internal foldback current limit that helps reduce the thermal dissipation duringshort-circuit events.

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